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I remember when.... [Jul. 7th, 2011|01:35 am]
I was camped out in an un-used cubby in our old office, and somewhere in the midst of, well, fifty-four-hour seven-days-a-week work, I still managed to cram in some magnificent fun! Which isn't to say I don't have fun now... possibly, in a way, even more than then, just in a different manner, tho.

It is odd to think of how things were just 5 years ago... seems like a separate life than what I lead now! Then that doesn't even count the "married years" from '96 to '01!! Sheesh... I've managed to live three seemingly different lives! I suppose that's just part of the whole game, tho... I suspect.
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Another pint bites the dust! [Mar. 18th, 2010|11:02 pm]
Unlike Cinqo de Mayo, St. Patricks day always delivers and treats me well.
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2010|02:12 am]
[Current Location |The 502 Flight Control Center]
[Current Mood |crazyHockey-a-saurus]

Welpers, I'm back for more...

Because staying up all last night at work was so much fun, we decided to do it again!

Actually this wasn't all too bad, really... I do rather prefer 3rd shift work. When I was in college, I once did a whole half-year on the 3rd, 6 days a week! I remember that my mind got accustomed to it quickly enough... my body, on the other hand, took a bit longer. I also put on a lotta weight cos it's too easy to be lulled into "aww... what's one more tagalong gonna hurt?!" at 3am... Regardless, tonight it's fresh fruit (I have no idea who brought it in, but it's all really fresh and varied) and greek yogurt, (my new-found high-protein weakness) deelish!

Didn't do much today... slept till about 2p or so... got up, fooled around, went to old chicago to watch the last period of the hockey game... when USA tied it up with Zach Parise's shot with 24 seconds, the bar full of rednecks whooped and hollered and for a magic moment, the good old boys from the 502 loved them some hockey.

At that point in my heart, I was ecstatic, but somehow new Canada would take it, but I truly didn't really care because it was such a great game, well played, well officiated, and well behaved. I don't begrudge neither Sid the Kid his OT game-winner, nor the great white norths Gold... I type all of that, but the ID in my heart still wishes me to caveat all that with a hardy South Park "Fuck Canada!!" :-D

Went over to CJ's new crib to help her hang some stuff, play with OG, and help get him to sleep... she was kind enough to hook me up with dinner bag of goodies for tonights excitement.

Ironically, at this point, most of the "excitement" for me is actually done... now it's simply a matter of waiting to ensure nothing goes wrong until the whole excercise then maybe I can go home and get a coupla winks in before the sun comes up... I gotta 10 am that I have to attend, then I can call 'er a day.

I'm hoping for a quiet enough week... the goal is to make it to Thursday, 5pm, then coast through the weekend... We'll see how it goes!

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Up All Night!!! [Feb. 28th, 2010|02:56 am]
[Current Location |La La Lannnd]

Sleep all day!

Once upon a time, say 31 Dec 99, I sacrificed a night of what was sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime-event(tm) to my career / chosen profession. Whilst everyone else was partyin' like it WAS 1999, I was in my office at a natural gas distribution office, diligently waiting for the clock to strike midnight, and confirm what I already knew: wasn't shit gonna happen.

And nothing happened. I even rented a Tux for the event, just cos I'm weird... hey, it was 30 bucks, and fun...

Tonight, just over 10 years later, I'm back on a 3rd shift exercise, whilst the opportunities of a Saturday night drift by me... The life of an IT guy, I spose... crappy part is, much like the Y2K situation, all of my work was done prior to the event... I'm just here in case something goes tits up... which, at this point, it ain't gonna... but I'm stuck nonetheless.

Bored? Awake? Hit me up -> hellscook@gmail.com I'll be here until 8am ET!

I'm too lazy to post a mashup.... now THAT'S lazy...
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The book, the book! [Feb. 7th, 2010|11:34 pm]
[Current Location |La Basement]
[Current Mood |artisticSuper Bowled Over]

Everyone's all about the stupid facebook these days...

Leaves a journal neglected an lonely.... A dubious theme!

I had the pager all of last week... and again this weekend. Having the pager is supposed to mean not being able to have fun... but I somehow managed to eek some in allthesame.

Friday I took a much-needed discretionary day... there was sleeping of in, drinking of hot chocolate, and watching of spongebob. It's not lost on me the irony that, 3, 5, 7, or 9 years ago, a stressful week could have ended in this exact same manner! At least now I have a legitimate (ahem) excuse to watch spongebob...

Speaking of 9 years ago... My beloved Mitsubishi TV has finally given up the ghost. Purchased when I moved into the crib in Sept of 2001, it has provided ... sheesh, possibly I took a minute to go look up how many hours are in a year... google sez there are 8,765... ten or so thousand of hours of entertainment.

I remember watching MST3K on Saturday mornings when it was still on SciFi... Or Lord Of The Rings, ATHF, and who knows how many viewings of Lebowski!!

I'm kinda excited to get a new TV, and know it's dumb to be sentimental over such a thing... but it was the first "big boy tv" I had ever bought all on me lonesome... I imagine the blood washer, dryer, and fridge'll be next!

Regardless, I'm thinking Plasma, maybe OLED... guess I'll have to look into it, or get some of the AV geeks at work to pitch suggestions.

Friday night I took young OG down to the e-town, cooked for everyone and worked on Ma & Pa's puters... reset up their wireless networks, and got to sleep in on Saturday. Had to work a little in the mornin', then boogied back to the ville, and took OG to Louisville Gymnastics for a lock in!

It cracks me up that a three year old who is... hrm, maybe two-fifths potty trained would wanna go do something like this, but he's all about it... I guess kids really DO grow up fast.

Got him at 10, took him to his momma's, and managed to have a decent night, all in all.

Sunday, meandered about, made some breakfast, and piddled until it was time to goto "handsome dougs" superbowl party with Dave & Nass. We were supposed to goto a couple of parties, but basically just stayed at Dougs cos he lives in the highlands, literally across the street from BW3s, and I got some wings and got to watch the Saints win.

It was kinda cool because mid-November of last year Carrie and I went to Saint Louis to shop for Christmas stuff, and we watched a Blues NHL game on Sat night, and watched the Saints whip the RAMs on Sunday. It was kinda nice, and it was my first NFL game! So, go Drew Brees!

I'll be glad to give the pager back tomorrow... after so many years in security / forensic specialization, its rather odd to go back to general support... especially since the breadth of what these systems support is so wide and varied! Whenever anything goes wrong, I'm always tryin' to figure out what's wrong with the system and whats changed and do memory dumps and get into the grit... when all that needs to happen is a crappy application needs to be restarted, or a service recycled.

I was reporting an issue for one of the crappier apps, and put in the "normal" detail I go into, and the app managers only comment was "that was great... it was like having the coroner/pathologist do a rotation in the ER..." After I thought about it, it was a pretty apt analogy... although I really wouldn't want to be a medical doctor, just cos I don't wanna listen to people bitch and whine! :)

Muzak: DJ Earworms 2009 Blame It On The Pop A pimp mega-mashup remix!!
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