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The book, the book! [Feb. 7th, 2010|11:34 pm]
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Everyone's all about the stupid facebook these days...

Leaves a journal neglected an lonely.... A dubious theme!

I had the pager all of last week... and again this weekend. Having the pager is supposed to mean not being able to have fun... but I somehow managed to eek some in allthesame.

Friday I took a much-needed discretionary day... there was sleeping of in, drinking of hot chocolate, and watching of spongebob. It's not lost on me the irony that, 3, 5, 7, or 9 years ago, a stressful week could have ended in this exact same manner! At least now I have a legitimate (ahem) excuse to watch spongebob...

Speaking of 9 years ago... My beloved Mitsubishi TV has finally given up the ghost. Purchased when I moved into the crib in Sept of 2001, it has provided ... sheesh, possibly I took a minute to go look up how many hours are in a year... google sez there are 8,765... ten or so thousand of hours of entertainment.

I remember watching MST3K on Saturday mornings when it was still on SciFi... Or Lord Of The Rings, ATHF, and who knows how many viewings of Lebowski!!

I'm kinda excited to get a new TV, and know it's dumb to be sentimental over such a thing... but it was the first "big boy tv" I had ever bought all on me lonesome... I imagine the blood washer, dryer, and fridge'll be next!

Regardless, I'm thinking Plasma, maybe OLED... guess I'll have to look into it, or get some of the AV geeks at work to pitch suggestions.

Friday night I took young OG down to the e-town, cooked for everyone and worked on Ma & Pa's puters... reset up their wireless networks, and got to sleep in on Saturday. Had to work a little in the mornin', then boogied back to the ville, and took OG to Louisville Gymnastics for a lock in!

It cracks me up that a three year old who is... hrm, maybe two-fifths potty trained would wanna go do something like this, but he's all about it... I guess kids really DO grow up fast.

Got him at 10, took him to his momma's, and managed to have a decent night, all in all.

Sunday, meandered about, made some breakfast, and piddled until it was time to goto "handsome dougs" superbowl party with Dave & Nass. We were supposed to goto a couple of parties, but basically just stayed at Dougs cos he lives in the highlands, literally across the street from BW3s, and I got some wings and got to watch the Saints win.

It was kinda cool because mid-November of last year Carrie and I went to Saint Louis to shop for Christmas stuff, and we watched a Blues NHL game on Sat night, and watched the Saints whip the RAMs on Sunday. It was kinda nice, and it was my first NFL game! So, go Drew Brees!

I'll be glad to give the pager back tomorrow... after so many years in security / forensic specialization, its rather odd to go back to general support... especially since the breadth of what these systems support is so wide and varied! Whenever anything goes wrong, I'm always tryin' to figure out what's wrong with the system and whats changed and do memory dumps and get into the grit... when all that needs to happen is a crappy application needs to be restarted, or a service recycled.

I was reporting an issue for one of the crappier apps, and put in the "normal" detail I go into, and the app managers only comment was "that was great... it was like having the coroner/pathologist do a rotation in the ER..." After I thought about it, it was a pretty apt analogy... although I really wouldn't want to be a medical doctor, just cos I don't wanna listen to people bitch and whine! :)

Muzak: DJ Earworms 2009 Blame It On The Pop A pimp mega-mashup remix!!

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[User Picture]From: hellscook
2010-02-08 04:40 am (UTC)
Lol! No! She moved out January of last year!! (I don't update much! :-)

No, she has a Scottish lad she fancies, and, hey, as long as she's still a fine mom, I'm all about it. However, she just got a house on Poplar level, as opposed the flat she had that was just around the corner... and she's back in PT school at bellarmine, so it's been trying on the schedules to coordinate... but all in all, it's all good!

I didn't even know anyone still read this thing! :)
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[User Picture]From: mareeski825
2010-02-10 02:07 am (UTC)
I only stopped into LJ after trying to withdraw from facebook for a week. It sure is the latest fad. I guess it's here to stay.

Nice to see an update! So old school.
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