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Hell's Kitchen

Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate!

18 May 1971
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I am:

Blissful Abhorrence
Ecstatic Intolerability
Myopic Omnipotence
Yawning Observance
Mysteriously Idiosyncratic
Uniquely Conformist
Succulent Adventure
Exalted Treachery

Karma’s Sword

Wanna learn more about me? I make my living as an IT Security Consultant. I can't decide if I'm a Caveman or Metrosexual. Here we have an example of a typical day in the office. Sometimes I have Good Days sometimes Not So Much

I have a jeep, a house that's too big, and a Cat, Apollo Creed and I used to have a spider, but she died. (No Great loss... still, for whatever reason, I was kinda sad. Karma and Fate like to muck with me. Weird and surreal stuff is always happening to me

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